Homestead Body Organic Skincare Clay Kit
Homestead Body Organic Skincare Clay Kit

holiday clay mask kit

this kit is great for anyone who loves or needs a little weekend pampering - there's something that feels so good when we take the time to pamper and create our own little spa rituals at home - using natural mineral clays from the earth for healing and beauty routines have been referenced since ancient times....including by our favorite beauty queen - Cleopatra!

clay masks gently absorb impurities from your pores while cleansing and gently exfoliating your skin.  they are used typically on facial skin - but can also be used to help detox under arms - especially when transitioning to a natural deodorant.

natural clays from the earth are high in minerals and soak up excess oil, sebum and dirt, remove dead skin cell build-up, tighten pores and improve overall skin tone. 

you may customize and choose one of the following clays for your kit:

- white kaolin clay (one of the mildest - excellent for sensitive/normal skin)
- french pink clay with apricot kernel exfoliant (very mild - great for all skin types)
- french green clay (most absorbent clay)

our clay kit gives you all needed to blend, apply and remove the clay mask - all bundled in a muslin bag.  

what's included:

- one 1oz clay (choose type)
- one white terry cloth headband
- one porcelain mixing bowl + wooden spoon
- one vegan clay mask fan brush
- one natural fiber ramie pad
- one muslin bag 

** if this is a gift, please let us know what type and we can customize the bag to reflect the event or holiday!

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