homestead body organic skincare made with certified vegan + cruelty-free ingredients.

holiday face spa

face spa has everything to make your facial skin feel beautiful and soft - it is a wonderful facial spa kit for the ultimate face pampering!

begin with a white kaolin clay mask - white clay is one of the mildest and most gentle clays for your skin, drawing out impurities while cleansing and gently exfoliating.  clay, porcelain bowl to mix, and vegan fan mask brush included - remove clay with a little extra exfoliating with the natural fiber ramie pad.

cleanse face and pores with the very soft nylon bristle facial brush - creating circular motions with your favorite gentle skin cleanser.  always apply clean beauty products after a mask - we include our pure love and revive face oil moisturizers.  when massaged gently on face - the beautiful face oil absorbs quickly and will leave your skin feeling very moisturized, silky, soft and supple!

for the ultimate face oil application - use the rose quartz face roller to gently massage the face oil onto your skin!  face rollers are wonderful to apply your face oil, ease and relax your facial muscles, promote circulation, and the cool stone helps to reduce eye puffiness.  

what's included:

- one 1oz white kaolin clay
- one white porcelain bowl for mixing + wooden spoon
- one vegan fan mask brush
- one ramie pad
- one nylon bristle facial brush
- one .30oz pure love botanical face oil
- one .30oz revive botanical face oil
- one rose quartz face roller
- one white terry cloth spa headband 
- one muslin bag

** please see product pages for full list of ingredients

** if this is a gift, please let us know what type and we can customize the bag to reflect the event or holiday!