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butterlove organic body butter rose

LOVE for February - organic rose body butter - this month only!

Precious rose oil....used for thousands of years for beautiful glowing skin.  ROSES....associated with Venus....goddess of LOVE and beauty.  Legend has it that Cleopatra anointed the sails of her boat in rose water to let her love Mark Antony know she arriving.  We blended organic Bulgarian rose essential oil to prepare a beautiful butter for your body.....this month only.

massage all over your body and together the natural butter and oils will absorb and penetrate quickly. apply liberally anywhere on your body (even on tips of hair if you would like).  our butters are very rich and will leave your skin feeling soft and silky.  you can also feel good about what you are putting on your skin – organic clean ingredients that are vegan, plant-based and cruelty-free.

* Fair Trade certified shea butter, *Fair Trade certified coconut oil, *grapeseed oil, *sunflower seed oil, *Bulgarian rose essential oil, *lavender essential oil, *vitamin E (contains nuts/seeds)

 ** for external use only

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