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face spa

our face spa has everything to make your face feel beautiful and soft.  
it starts with our french pink clay, composed of red illite and white kaolin clays.  it is one of the mildest and most gentle clays for your skin, drawing out impurities and cleansing the skin -  while gently exfoliating due to its high silica content. the beautiful rose colored clay is combined with apricot kernel meal for added exfoliation.

after your face scrub, we have you covered with our pure love botanical face moisturizer.  when massaged gently on face - the beautiful face oil absorbs quickly and will leave your skin feeling very moisturized, soft and supple.

even better - use the rose quartz face roller to gently massage the face oil onto your skin!  face rollers are wonderful to ease and relax your facial muscles, promote circulation, and the cool stone helps to reduce eye puffiness.

gift set contains:

- one 1.25oz french pink clay
- one .30oz pure love botanical face moisturizer
- one rose quartz face roller
- one spa headband (white terry cloth)
- one fan mask brush
- one vinyl hemp trim bag

 *for full list of ingredients in our face polish botanical scrub click here and for pure love face oil click here




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