french green clay mask | homestead body
french green clay mask | homestead body
french green clay mask | homestead body

french green clay mask - organic green clay mask


excellent for: normal skin

using natural mineral clays from the earth for healing and beauty routines have been referenced since ancient times....including by our favorite beauty queen herself - Cleopatra!

clays are natural deposits from the sea and the earth that are high in minerals - and when used as a mask - draws out impurities, soaks up excess oil, sebum and dirt, helps remove dead skin cell build-up, tightens pores, soothes sensitive skin, and improves overall skin tone.

lovely french green clay, also known as sea clay is made of decomposed plant matter and sea sediment mined from ancient marine quarries in France and is high in minerals including magnesium, iron, potassium, and silica.  french green clay has super absorbent qualities and excellent for cleaning and tightening pores.

mix the clay with a little water (preferably bottled or distilled), or experiment mixing with honey, or your favorite oil to form a paste.  massage clay on to facial area with fingertips or mask brush avoiding eye and mouth areas. rinse off clay with warm water before mask is fully dry.  dampen washcloth with warm water to remove mask, or for a more gentle exfoliation - rinse off with fingertips.  after mask is removed, best to follow with an organic face oil to moisturize your skin.

* heads-up - may stain fabric  

French green clay

**for external use only

organic green clay mask
organic green clay mask

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