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homestead body face oils and moisturizers are 100% organic, plant-based, certified vegan and cruelty-free.
natural soft organic face oil

natural soft organic face oil

excellent for:  normal skin, dry skin

organic face oil, natural soft, moisturizes and loves your skin leaving it feeling pampered and soft to the touch!

we kept this moisturizer very simple -  argan oil - which is known for being super moisturizing and softening, as well as being very high in vitamin E; jojoba oil is very skin softening and a protecting emollient; sweet almond oil - almonds are the super food that are super high in fatty acids - known for protecting and softening our skin; and pumpkin seed oil - an amazing botanical!  it is loaded with omega fatty acids which help retain moisture – hydrating your skin and helping to keep it supple.  it is packed with antioxidants vitamins A and C - which are known to fight free radicals which cause damage to our skin, they are known to also assist with cell regeneration and support collagen production.  pumpkin seed oil also contains zinc which is known for cellular repair! 

we made this organic face oil with much love and is perfect for anyone who loves a plant-based skin softening moisturizer.

our botanical face oils are really wonderful moisturizers containing a blend of botanical oils that are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants – and are of the finest quality - organic, cold-pressed and unrefined.

when massaged gently on face - the beautiful oils absorb quickly and will leave your skin feeling very moisturized, soft and supple.

organic cold-press unrefined argan oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined jojoba oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined sweet almond oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined pumpkin seed oil, organic atlas cedarwood essential oil, organic sandalwood essential oil, non-GMO vitamin E

**for external use only


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