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himalayan sea salts were formed from an ancient seabed dating back 250 million years.  with time the seabed was sealed and protected under the mountains that formed over it - the himalayan mountains.  this salt is considered the purest of all salts and is still carefully mined by hand.  rich in minerals - the beautiful pink crystals are thought to detoxify your body while allowing the trace minerals to be absorbed by your skin.

dead sea salts are found on the banks of the dead sea in israel.  they are considered some of the most therapeutic salts that soothe your skin and relax your muscles because they contain high amounts of magnesium chloride. 

ylang-ylang has a floral scent and is thought to be an aphrodisiac! both ylang-ylang; lavender and bitter orange are also known to be calming for your skin and soul.  run that bath and feel like a pampered goddess!

a handful or two while you're running the bath will give the salts some time to melt into the water.

ingredients: himalayan pink sea salt, dead sea salt, organic ylang-ylang essential oil, organic lavender essential oil, organic bitter orange essential oil

*see ingredients page for all the good details on each ingredient we use

packaged in recyclable glass jar with cork cap; products are packed with materials that were made from recyclable material and are 100% recyclable

**for external use only


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