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soothe soaking salts

if you need to relax and unwind - we have your back with soaking salts created with you in mind!  soaking salts added to your bath....along with soft lighting and music - make the art of the bath truly zen and complete!

soothe soaking salts are made with two types of salts - Epsom salt and Dead Sea salts - and beautiful organic essential oils. 

Epsom salt is a naturally occurring mineral of magnesium and sulfate - first found in a spring in the town of Epsom in England.  magnesium is known to relax when taken orally - often being prescribed for mild insomnia taken just before bed.  but when added to bathwater, the magnesium in Epsom salts are known for being very relaxing to your muscles, and the sulfates in Epsom salts also help flush toxins.  
Dead Sea salts are found on the banks of the Dead Sea in Israel.  they are considered some of the most therapeutic salts that soothe your skin and relax your muscles because they contain high amounts of magnesium chloride.  
we also chose organic essential oils that are known to relax and sooth both your skin and your soul.

Epsom salt, Dead Sea salt, organic lavender essential oil, organic sweet orange essential oil, organic patchouli essential oil, organic atlas cedarwood essential oil

*see ingredients page for all the good details on each ingredient we use
**for external use only