Homestead Body Organic Skincare made with certified vegan + cruelty-free ingredients.
Homestead Body Organic Skincare products made with certified vegan + cruelty-free ingredients
holiday just salts +  sisal mitt

holiday just salts + sisal mitt

for the bath lover (or a perfect little something for the holiday hostess!) - Dead Sea or Himalayan soaking salts with natural fiber sisal mitt for bathing! 

Dead Sea salt - found on the banks of the Dead Sea in Israel are considered some of the most therapeutic salts that soothe skin and super relax muscles thanks to the high amounts of magnesium chloride.

Himalayan salts were formed from an ancient seabed dating back 250 million years ago.  with time, the seabed was sealed and protected under the mountains that formed over it - the Himalayan mountains.  this salt is considered the purest of all salts and is still carefully mined by hand.  rich in minerals - the beautiful pink crystals are thought to detoxify your body while allowing the trace minerals to be absorbed by your skin. 

polish your skin with nature's own sisal, a highly sustainable, eco-friendly vegetable fiber from the agave cactus family. The firm fibers give stimulating massages, dry or with soap and water, leave skin soft, smooth and glowing.

what's included:

- one 17oz Dead Sea Soaking Salts in bottle
- one 9oz Pink Himalayan Soaking Salts in jar
- one natural fiber sisal mitt

**salts for external use only 

** if this is a gift, please let us know what type and we can customize a simple gift wrap to reflect the event or holiday!