ultra rich organic face butter - vegan skincare

ultra rich organic face butter - vegan skincare

best for: normal to dry skin, wrinkles

ultra rich face butter is packed with rich healthy plant and seed butters and oils that are high in essential fatty acids and antioxidants.   it is great for skin that loves or needs extra moisturizing.  we took fabulous shea butter and combined it with super star oils that are extremely emollient.  it is perfect at bedtime on clean skin or applied in morning if your skin needs the moisturizing. only a very tiny pea-size amount is needed....the absorption rate is a few minutes – but well worth it.

what are the super star ingredients in ultra rich face butter?

shea butter - an amazing super moisturizing emollient - helping soothe and soften skin by keeping moisture locked in by preventing trans-epidermal water loss.  shea is known to have anti-inflammatory qualities which help with dry, itchy, or inflamed skin. shea is also known to help with skin discoloration and scarring.  although it’s a butter – it is non-comedogenic – which means that it does not clog pores. 

pomegranate seed oil - high in essential fatty acid Omega-5 or "punicic acid" - which means it has super antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties – helping to sooth and calm dry, itchy skin.  it is also high in phytosterols and polyphenols – phytochemicals with antioxidant properties which help fight free radical damage, slow collagen breakdown and help with skin cell regeneration.

sacha inchi oil - our newest super skin food ingredient.  native to south america and cultivated in the amazon for hundreds of years – it is loaded with some of the highest levels of essential fatty acids – about 45-50% Omega-3 and about 35% Omega-6 - helping to lock in moisture - keeping skin hydrated and supple.  Omega-3's have anti-inflammatory benefits – helping to calm irritated, dry or itchy skin.   it is also rich in antioxidants vitamins E and A – which help with aging or wrinkled skin.

argan oil - high in essential fatty acids and anti-oxidants, and so - leaving your skin feeling so soft and silky. it is a natural antioxidant because of its high levels of vitamin E – helping to protect our skin cells from free radicals.

rosehip seed oil - high in anti-oxidants - containing vitamins A, D, B and a great amount of vitamin C - that's a double high dose of scavenging free radicals.  penetrating deeply, rosehip seed oil is known to support tissue regeneration - helping to reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin tone.

sea buckthorn oil – this oil is cold-pressed from the from the fruit and the seeds – and thanks to its high palmitoleic fatty acid content - has been used for centuries to treat burns and wounds. it is antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory being high in phytosterols and polyphenols.  sea buckthorn berries are super packed with antioxidants – high in vitamins C and vitamin E – which help with skin cell regeneration – fighting damage from free radicals. 

ultra rich will leave your skin feeling very, very soft, supple and moisturized.

organic Fair Trade unrefined shea butter, organic cold-pressed unrefined pomegranate seed oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined sacha inchi oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined argan oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined rosehip seed oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined sea buckthorn oil, organic lavender essential oil, non-GMO vitamin E

**for external use only

ultra rich organic face butter
ultra rich organic face butter


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