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Natural deodorant that WORKS

I've tried a handful of cruelty-free deodorants but none of them last throughout the day. I found Homestead Body through Woodstock Farm Sanctuary and this is by far the BEST deodorant I've had! I feel so good about putting it on my body because I know all of the ingredients and it lasts the entire day! So happy I've finally found a winner! I got the one with baking soda and no skin irritation at all. I also love supporting a family-owned business that is dedicated to helping animals in need. I will definitely be purchasing this high quality product again!

 – Chrissy P

This stuff is amazing!

I have combo/oily skin that breaks out easily. I'm currently undergoing chemo treatments, and my face is sore, red and feels tight after washing it. At first it felt odd putting oil on my already oil-prone skin - but this oil melts softly into my face and instantly calms, soothes and moisturizes with out being greasy or shiny. It's PERFECT! My make-up goes on flawlessly over it and I find that there is no need to keep powdering away oily spots on my face all day. It's amazing! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Thanks Homestead Body! You ROCK.. :)


I love the body butters

Beautiful quality natural body butter!

Love this item, very high quality, beautiful packaging.


So glad I was able to find this deodorant at the street fair, can't wait to go back and purchase more! Wore it outside in almost 90 degree weather and I felt fresh and not self conscious at all

Love your products:purple_heart:

I love all three sample products I received from you!!! Between using the lavender butterlove and oil on my face I can now wear makeup again!!! Before this I had little dry spots on my face and didnt like how my foundation would look over the dryness. Thank you soo much for the chance to fall in love with your line and the surprise of three items not just the one :heart_eyes: I absolutely plan on getting more products to pamper myself and letting friends and family know my experience with your company :purple_heart:

Love it

It made my skin so soft and smells so good !


Great product. Smooth and nourishing


I am so happy with the products. I love that my face and body remain moisturized the entire day. I especially love that the scent is subtle and stays on the entire day.

Butterlove is the bomb

My family and I have tried many scents of Butterlove. We like them all. I am partial to the clean/refreshing scent the hint of citrus this on earth provides. You can't go wrong with any Homestead Body product but this is one of the tops on my "must keep in stock" items.

Butterlove Sample Jar

My experience with the items was wonderful! The Butterlove sample jars were very pleasant, as the product absorbed into my skin easily, leaving it feeling refreshed and moisturized. Furthermore, the sample of facial oil that I was given was very nice as well, and felt very nice both with and without makeup. I so appreciate a company that is dedicated to natural, cruelty free products that are so effective, and I intend to purchase more products from the company in the future.

Awesome product

Smells amazing and feels amazing :blush:

Awesome Hand Butter

I received a sample of butterlove cedarwood and this butter lotion was completely awesome. I have sever dry hands and I do not recall the last time my hands felt so smooth and healthy looking. Thank you very much Homestead Body for such and Awesome product. SO GUYS BUY YOUR HAND BUTTER NOW YOU WILL NOT REGRET!!!

Great moisturizer

I have oily/combo skin and I found that many other oil based moisturizers made my skin look shiny and oily. Homestead moisturizer leaves my skin looking flawless and keeps my pores clean and no oil build up the entire day! I never have to reapply my makeup, love this stuff!

Its like butta!

Love the butterlove body butter! I received the lavender butterlove body butter as a Christmas gift, and wanted to try the natural (no fragrance) one next. Both are great--very creamy and leave your skin so soft! The ingredients (coconut oil, shea butter, etc.) are actually good for your skin! No chemicals!...your skin will love it!

First time purchase. Not my last!!

This is my first time ordering products from Homestead body. I have never tried natural products before but wanted to try the deodorant. At first I was skeptical if it would provide the protection that conventional deodorants do, but I am pleasantly surprised. It lasts all day and has a very natural scent. I purchased it with the baking soda and have not had any skin irritation at all. I definitely recommend this product and will be purchasing again.

Best moisturizer EVER!

This is by far the best moisturizer I have ever used and it is perfect for use in the morning or at night! It is not greasy AT ALL! Within seconds the oil is absorbed leaving your face soft and supple with a healthy glow! And you don't even have to wash your hands after! Simply the best!

Softer skin overnight

I was given a sample of this product from a friend and began using it the same evening. I have dry patches on my face that never disappear even after using moisturizers but after using Revive, I see an immediate difference. I love this product!!!

Fantastic Butterlove

Tried butterlove lavender on my very dry hands at bedtime. Woke up and my hands still felt soft. I also used it around my eye area. Fantastic moisturizer and aroma therapy. Can't wait to try the face oil !

Love for Lemongrass Butterlove

Purchased as a gift for a friend who only uses vegan, pet friendly products, this was a hit! Because of the generous sample, I got to try it too! Very moisturizing, healing on my chapped hands and fingers.

Love the butterlove!

I am really happy with the butterlove lavender lotion. It goes on real smooth and does not leave any unwanted residue. Love to put it on after my nightly bath right before sleep. The smell of the lavender on my skin is the perfect sendoff to sleep. Plus, my skin feels wonderful when I wake up in the morning. Great product!

Go big!!

I'm so glad I ordered the large size of this amazing skin care product! It melts on contact so my skin just drinks up all the moisture. During the winter months my hands get so dry my cuticles crack and bleed, but this year with Winter Spice Butterlove my cuticles are beautiful! Don't miss out on this divine Winter Spice won't be disappointed. Go big!!

Silky Soft Skin

The scent of lemongrass and lavender gently infused in this whipped butter soft skin treatment is just the thing to nurture my skin!! It feels so smooth and silky to the touch that I don't want to be without it. I've tried all the scents now, and each one is amazing. I love that it seems to melt into my skin! Butter love is my new obsession!! :heart:

The best healing moisturizer

One, it works quickly and two, not greasy! Skin feels great all day. Three, organic and certified. Four, feels like heaven to the skin.


I received my winter spice butter tonight. It is beautiful. The butter is creamy and soft. The scent is magnificent. Light and delicious at the same time. Great gift to give to your friends, family, teachers, haridresser etc......Will definitely being trying more of these products.


It makes you go ahhhh! I cannot believe how soft and smooth my skin feels! It smells great, and not overpowering at all. The packaging is beautiful. Quick delivery and phenomenal customer service that answered all my questions! Can't wait to try the others!