about our products

homestead body's products are unisex and certified vegan and cruelty-free by both Leaping Bunny and PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies - this means that no animal ingredient makes its way into any products, and we only purchase from suppliers who's ingredients were not tested on animals.

homestead body is also proud to Pasture Partner with the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary in NY - check out their passion + dedication to animal rescue and care at www.woodstocksanctuary.org.  we also donate a portion of each sale to animal rescue - which was also an important founding principle for us.  love + good karma

we are committed to using only the highest and finest quality ingredients - organic Fair Trade Certified + unrefined butters; organic cold-pressed + unrefined oils; and every essential oil is organic.

we purchase Fair Trade Certified ingredients whenever available to us - which means that we know the producers of the ingredients are not being exploited but rather, are empowered and respected as workers and as communities.  they say that every purchase of a Fair Trade product makes a difference. currently our shea butter, cocoa butter, coconut oil, and avocado oil are Fair Trade Certified.

there is no compromising on ingredients - due to crop and market changes - sometimes an ingredient is not available for a period of time.  when this occurs, instead of compromising on a lesser quality ingredient - we will temporarily swap out that ingredient for a similar high-quality organic ingredient that will work just as well in a product.  should this occur - we will add a note on the product page about the temporary new ingredient.

natural products can be very cheeky sometimes.  with variations in temperatures, butters will melt in the heat - but will harden when placed back in a cooler temperature or in the fridge.  sometimes very sudden changes in temps may make a butter crystallize and feel "grainy"  - no worries - these little "crystals" will melt away with the warmth of your skin on application.  best to try and keep all natural products at room temperature - no hot cars or beach bags for these guys!

pure butters and oils - a little goes a long way - everyone's skin absorbs differently. always try to dab a little on skin and rub in well first.  

oils - gently turn bottle upside once or twice to blend if needed

all of our products are handcrafted with care and love and poured in small batches. each batch may vary slightly in color or consistency - this will not change the excellent quality of the product - it's just mother nature's finest ingredients being themselves!

heads-up: shea butter is derived from a tree nut - the shea nut.  if you have a tree nut, seed, or plant allergies - please check with your doctor before using.  it is always wise to do a tiny patch test on skin when trying any new product.  when trying new ingredients - listen to your body - if you notice any sensitivity such as redness or itchiness - please discontinue use.  if you are pregnant - please speak with your doctor prior to using soaking salts.

doing our share:  our products are packaged in recyclable #1 PET plastic or recyclable glass jars.  products are packed with materials that were made from recyclable material and are 100% recyclable - please remember to recycle - love you.....and love our planet.