are your products vegan and cruelty-free?
most definitely!  take a look at the bunnies on our label - we are certified by both the Leaping Bunny Organization as well as by PETA's Beauty Without Bunnies - and we proudly display their bunny logos!  being vegan and cruelty-free were founding principles of homestead body.  we are committed to being plant-based and cruelty-free - using ingredients that were not tested on animals and supplied by vendors who are as committed as we are - or we wouldn't have these bunnies!  making sure that no animals were harmed and that no animal products were used in any of our products were paramount in formulating our products - we won't even use beeswax - love you and love those we share our planet with! 

do you donate a portion of sales to animal rescue as your label states?
yes we do! we love and support the mission of all animal rescues and sanctuaries and donate to our local rescue sanctuary.  we are also VERY excited about  becoming a Pasture Partner with the Woodstock Farm Sanctuary here in New York - watch for more news on this!

are you USDA certified organic?
not yet - but we hope to be!  we use only USDA certified organic ingredients in all of our products and hope to file for this important certification in the future. why haven't we yet?  it's a very costly process - but we have our eyes on it for the future!

my favorite facial moisturizer has a slightly different color than the last one i ordered?
not to worry - this is the nature of using the finest organic, cold-pressed and unrefined ingredients - they aren't controlled by chemicals - they come from mother nature and do their own thing and may vary very slightly in color or even natural aroma from batch to batch.

why does my product feel grainy (butterlove, balm, deodorant)?
sometimes with variations in temperature (warm to cool + cool to warm) the shea butter (even coconut oil) gets a little cheeky on us!  some of the fats of the shea butter crystallize forming tiny granules making the butter or balm feel "grainy".  not to worry - this is completely normal for unrefined shea butter.  these little granules will melt and smooth away when massaged into your skin.  part of making the change to clean ingredients.....is getting to know them!  

will my product melt in hot car on a summers day?
oh yes - definitely. if your product is made with either shea, or cocoa butter - it will melt!  it will harden when placed in the fridge - but it won't be fluffy and it may be grainy (see above). no beach bags or hot cars, etc for natural butter or oil products.  we recommend keeping them at room temps to keep them happy!

why is my skin irritated, red or itchy after using a product?
you must listen to your body - it always has your back if you pay attention!  our products are made with the best, highest quality ingredients - each ingredient we use is USDA certified organic and rates a green #1 on EWG's Skin Deep Cosmetic database (please verify for your own knowledge) - but as safe and natural an ingredient can be - some of us are topically sensitive to ingredients no matter how safe and wonderful they are!  and we find out as we begin trying products we've never used on our skin before - yes....even botanicals!  our products are made with tree nut butters and we use cold-pressed seed oils - again.....listen to your body - especially your skin!

why is my skin irritated, red or itchy after using deodorant
product without baking soda:
you may be sensitive to one of the essential oils - please discontinue use.  typically this is not the case as these are very gentle ingredients - however everyone is different and some of us may be sensitive, listen to your body - it knows best. 

product with baking soda:
you are more than likely not able to use baking soda in your products and should discontinue use.  that is why we sell both options - with baking soda and without baking soda. 

how do i use the deodorant rub?
using your fingertip is the easiest way - then rub on under arm area.  the paste-like deodorant will very quickly melt and absorb.  it's a massage for your underarms - trust me - they will thank you for it!

do your products contain preservatives?
no they do not - which is why we recommend using the products within three months of opening.  it is also important not to introduce water into completely natural products via wet hands, etc. to maintain the integrity of the product.  

what is the shelf-life of your products?
these are all natural ingredients that do not contain water or preservatives.  once opened, we recommend using the product within three months after purchase and opening.  look for the expiration date on each product.  

what is the shelf-life of your botanical face moisturizers?
we recommend using the botanical oils within three months after opening due to the nature of natural unrefined oils - you want to apply your oils while they are at their best! we also suggest the product is opened within 6 months of purchase. 

what is average shipping time for my products?
all of our products are handcrafted and hand-poured to order which can take up to one week before shipping -  no sitting on shelves for these guys!!  however we know that everyone loves to receive their orders as quickly as possible - we are mindful of this and try to process and ship within a few days.  

are you planet-friendly?
we definitely try to be - we use only recyclable plastic and glass jars for products, and all of our shipping material is made from recycled material and is recyclable - please recycle everything you receive!