about us


gina aiosa / founder and co-owner

coming full circle when I think about – homestead body was already in development when i was a little girl.   one day i opened my grandmother’s fridge and saw something that i had never noticed before - pure cocoa butter in a push-up white tin with blue letters on it. 

curiously, the first time i saw it – i picked it up, took off the little tin lid and was taken by the beautiful smell of the butter – the smell enveloped my space and until that point – i had never smelled anything like it.  i asked my grandmother what it was for – she replied that “it was to help burns and scars heal”.  of course, i immediately had to start rubbing the butter on my forearms to test it out.  the butter softened on my skin as i glided it up and down my arms, my legs – even all over my face.  as you may guess – that stick of cocoa butter didn’t last long – i knew it was something special.

we are a husband and wife team who founded homestead body on the principle of going back to the basics for clean body care.  we began eating clean and wanted to do the same for our skin....clean organic ingredients.  we are committed to using only all organic, plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free ingredients that anyone can feel good about putting on their skin.  we wanted to make products that weren't complicated or with too many ingredients - and we wanted to use ingredients that people understood and were perhaps familiar with at an affordable price.

our unisex products include botanical face oils, body butters, body oil, natural deodorants, and soaking salts.  we use only the best and purest ingredients that are raw, unrefined, plant-based, vegan and cruelty-free. our shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oils are organic unrefined and Fair Trade Certified.  our oils are organic, cold-pressed, unrefined - and most all are food-grade.  all of our ingredients are purchased from suppliers who are certified selling only products that were not tested on animals – and as such - we proudly display our Leaping Bunning and PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies logos.
giving back is a very important part of our commitment - homestead body donates a portion of each sale to animal rescue.   visit our 'giving back' page to learn more about our connections in this area.