butterlove lavender body butter


lavender butterlove should probably be called “chill” instead because it is made with two oils that are known for being calming and relaxing – lavender and mandarin!  we just hear the word lavender and we think “relax” – but did you know that mandarin oil has been used in both ancient Chinese and Ayurvedic medicines to calm the mind, soothing tensions and stresses for thousands of years? combined – lavender and mandarin may be a perfect butter to evoke the inner calm in all of us. 

lavender has also been used extensively since ancient times. so revered by the Egyptians – that only the royal families and high priests were able to afford it for perfumery, cosmetics, medicine, and spiritual rituals!  the Greeks and Romans used it for perfumery and bathing – but they too understood its medicinal properties - using it to treat all types of skin ailments, wounds, and burns.  lavender oil is known to be antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and deodorant – making them wonderful additions to products for your skin!  lavender is also known to help with migraines and insomnia.  mandarin oil is rich in vitamin C and is antiseptic as well as anti-inflammatory!  this butterlove smells very gently of lavender with a hint of mandarin in the background!

shea butter and coconut oil are also known to soothe and protect your skin by locking in hydration.  grape seed oil is known to be rich in antioxidants – particularly catechins – which are found in green tea, red wine and berries! catechins are best known for their anti-aging benefits.  grape seed oil also contains high amounts of linoleic acid – an essential fatty acid that is known to provide anti-inflammatory benefits!  sunflower seed oil is also known as a super natural emollient and a very good source of vitamin E and filed with antioxidants.  

massage all over your body and together these natural plant ingredient butter and oils will absorb and penetrate quickly. apply liberally anywhere on your body (even on tips of hair if you would like).  


++butyrospermum parkii (organic unrefined shea butter), ++cocos nucifera (organic unrefined coconut oil), *vitis vinifera (organic grape seed oil), *helianthus annuus (organic sunflower seed oil), lavandula angustifolia (organic lavender essential oil), citrus reticulata (organic mandarin orange essential oil), tocopheryl (vitamin E)

++Fair Trade Certified, *cold-pressed + unrefined

feel good:  we are committed to donating a portion of every sale to animal rescue - this is especially important to us - and is one of our founding principles....and makes us feel really good about what we are doing!

feel even better: purchasing Fair Trade Certified ingredients means that we know the producers of the ingredients are not being exploited but rather, are empowered and respected as workers and as communities.  they say that every purchase of a Fair Trade product makes a difference.

heads-up: shea butter is derived from a tree nut - the shea nut.  if you have a tree nut, seed, or plant allergies - please check with your doctor before using.  it is always wise to do a tiny patch test on skin when trying any new product.  when trying new ingredients - listen to your body - if you notice any sensitivity such as redness or itchiness - please discontinue use.

do our share:  packaged in recyclable #1 PET plastic; products are packed with materials that were made from recyclable material and are 100% recyclable - please remember to recycle - love you.....and love our planet.

**for external use only

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