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cocoa skin organic butter - unrefined shea butter

cocoa skin organic butter - is wonderful skin care for beautiful growing baby bellies, stretching marks, and after-care for tattoos!

stretching skin/bellies...
for expecting mamas, protect your growing belly by nourishing your stretching skin with natural butters and oils.  the idea is to try and help prevent stretchmarks and scarring before they occur.  applying organic food-grade butters and oils to your skin helps soften and improve skin elasticity by helping keep it supple. importantly - you will not be placing harsh chemicals, parabens or fragrances that will be absorbed by your skin - instead.....only gentle, beautiful and clean ingredients.

scarring skin/stretch marks...
being packed with antioxidants, both cocoa and shea butters are thought to help scarring skin and stretch marks.  these butters are also loaded with vitamins and saturated fats helping to keep your skin moisturized and supple.  

tattoo care...
great for tattoo aftercare because its pure botanical moisturizing to an area that can be itchy and flaky without the harmful chemicals found in many conventional products. after skin is healed -  the food-grade butters and oils help keep dry, flaking or tight skin soft, supple, lubricated, nourished and moisturized. 

what's in this product:
amazing and gentle cocoa butter has been used for centuries for skincare and is our star ingredient here. pressed from superfood cacao seeds (beans) - cocoa butter is 50-60% pure saturated fat which makes it super emollient, hydrating and moisturizing - penetrating skin and locking in that moisture.  it contains some of the highest concentration of antioxidants known and is mineral and vitamin packed. shea nut butter is also a powerful emollient - and is known to sooth sensitive, dry, itchy or inflamed skin - and it is also known to help with skin discoloration.

extra virgin olive oil - high in vitamin E and super moisturizing and softening thanks to its high content of oleic acid....but it also contains squalene - found in our skins natural sebum.  squalene is known to help with itchy, dry or flaky skin - perfect for healing or stretching skin.  we also add superfood avocado oil which is cold-pressed from its creamy, soft fruit.  it is a lubricating oil that contains vitamins A, D and E as well as oleic acid.  jojoba oil is a liquid plant wax that most closely resembles our body's own natural sebum and is a very softening oil.  together this gentle blend of butters and oils are nourishing, moisturizing, skin softening.

no essential oils were added keeping these products as pure and simple as possible for mama bellies, healing skin, and after skincare for tattoos

organic Fair Trade unrefined cocoa butter, organic Fair Trade unrefined shea butter, organic cold-pressed unrefined extra virgin olive oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined avocado oil, organic cold-pressed unrefined jojoba seed oil, non-GMO vitamin E. 

** for external use only

cocoa skin organic butter

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