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facial rollers - rose quartz face rollers

rose quartz face roller and jade face roller

the rose quartz face roller is made of the beautiful semi-precious stone - rose quartz - also known as the "love stone" - and thought to promote positive energy, loving and peace. crystals 

beautiful shades of green stone - jade - a symbol of courage, wisdom, goodness and beauty...and known as the "imperial gem" in ancient Asian culture.  jade also signifies harmony and balance in feng shui, as well as of a stone of purity, healing and protection.  

benefits of rose quartz face rollers:

- the stone gently massages facial muscles to relax and release tension
- promotes and stimulates blood circulation + lymphatic drainage
- the naturally cool stone may help reduce under-eye puffiness and dark circles
  (place in fridge for extra coolness)

the face roller can be used daily on it's own, or after applying face oil for extra love and absorption of beautiful organic oils on your skin. 

LOVE for your face!


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