skin love massage oil 4oz



if you are thinking of rubbing oil into your skin - our skin love massage oil is a wonderful choice!  look no further because skin love is made with the highest possible quality ingredients - all of the botanical oils are cold-pressed and unrefined - as well as organic.  our skin as we know is the largest organ of our body - it absorbs what we put on it - you want to apply what is nourishing, softening and actually healthy for your skin. 

we chose sesame oil as our star here because it has been used for centuries in many ancient cultures - thought to promote healing and well-being -  it is also the oil of choice in Ayurvedic massage.  apricot kernel, jojoba and sweet almond oils are all high in oleic and linoleic acids - both are wonderfully moisturizing for our skin - making our skin feel so soft and silky.  they were also all chosen for their ability to glide on our bodies - making massage lovely!

you may apply this oil after a bath or shower as a general moisturizer - we promise - you won't regret it when you see how soft your skin will feel!

there are so many benefits to applying oil to our bodies in the form of massage - including softening and nourishing our skin, relaxing our muscles, stimulating our organs, and relaxing the soul - not to mention the pleasure of really discovering one's body in detail.  it's all good.

organic sesame oil, organic apricot kernel oil, organic jojoba oil, organic sweet almond oil, vitamin E

*see ingredients page for all the good details on each ingredient we use

all of our products are made to order and hand poured in small batches

packaged in recyclable #1 PET plastic; products are packed with materials that were made from recyclable material and are 100% recyclable

heads-up:  if you have nut allergies, please check with your doctor.  in trying any new ingredient, listen to your body - if you notice any sensitivity such as redness or itchiness - please discontinue use.

 **for external use only

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